Product Safety Notice

 (Please note Angelcare now only manufactures and sells cordless baby Movement Monitors) 

In November 2013, The Holding Angelcare Inc, announced a voluntary safety notice to provide cord covers for Angelcare Movement and Sound Baby Monitors sold with Angelcare Movement wired Sensor Pads; prior-November 2014. 

The models involved were the following: 

  • AC201 series 
  • AC300 series 
  • AC301 series 
  • AC401 series 
  • AC601 series 
  • AC701 series 
  • AC1100 series 


All Monitor Models with Wired Sensor Pads placed on the market post-November 2014 are, where required, provided with a Cord Cover Kit as standard within the packaging. 

All packaging, manuals and cables come with the appropriate strangulation warnings. 

Hazard - The cord attached to the baby monitor’s sensor pad that is placed under the crib mattress, can present a potential strangulation hazard if the child pulls the cord into the crib and it becomes wrapped around the neck. 


Strangulation Hazard – Children have STRANGLED in cords 

  • KEEP the Nursery Unit and adapter cords out of the reach of children more than 3 feet or 1 meter away. 
  • NEVER attempt to use the Sensor Pad(s) cord without the protective cord covers supplied. 
  • CHECK protective cord covering before each use: 
    - Ensure there is no slack in cords and exposure of cord to child is minimised (see further instructions within). 
    - Immediately discontinue use of Sensor Pad(s) if protective covering is damaged or broken. 
  • NEVER use extension cords with adaptors. ONLY use adaptors provided. 
  • This product is NOT a Toy. NEVER allow children to play with it. 


If you have a Baby Monitor model as listed above, consumers should immediately make sure Sensor Pad cords are placed out of reach of the child and to contact Angelcare who can provide you with a cord cover kit to attach to your Corded Sensor Pad: 

Western EU - 

Eastern EU - 

UK -  

United States & Canada -  


Already have a Cord Cover Kit? 
Click here to view our Instruction Sheet or watch/download our video with the instructions. 


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