Battery Safety Notice


Applicable to type of batteries used in the Video Parent Unit on Angelcare Baby Monitors 

Swollen Battery Information and Guidance 

Battery swelling is a failure mode associated with a type of battery cell technology called Lithium-ion Polymer. Lithium-ion Polymer batteries have become popular across the industry in recent years due to their slim and customizable form factor and longer battery useful life. Lithium-ion Polymer batteries are housed in a flexible multi-layer pouch, which may sometimes swell for a variety of reasons including but not limited to age, usage pattern, environmental conditions (over heating), over-charging, over-discharging, a swollen Lithium battery in general can be hazardous if not handled correctly, using incorrect chargers and physical abuse/damage. 

The risk of battery swelling, while low, is inherent with Lithium-ion Polymer cell technology, which is widely used across the tech industry (not unique to Angelcare Baby Monitors or other devices). The issue is industrywide affecting even with popular devices. 

A swollen battery may impact the performance of the Monitor and in some cases damage the product enclosure. Whilst safety measures in the battery are designed and regulated to mitigate any further damage and potential harm, a swollen Lithium battery in general can be hazardous if not handled correctly and should be replaced as soon as it is detected. 

Angelcare Lithium-ion batteries and the products they are used in meet all regulatory requirements 


  • How to recognise a swollen battery?

The below may indicate your battery is swollen: 

- Battery casing not flat and bulging 

- Battery compartment lid on Parent Unit lifting or not flat 

- Uneven seems on battery black casing or openings in battery black casing 


  • What immediate action to take when recognising a swollen battery?

Handling and replacement of any Lithium-ion Polymer battery, including a swollen one, must be done with caution. 

- Do not continue to use the Baby Monitor and for assistance and replacement contact your Distributor for a replacement. 

United States and Canada: Please contact us at: Other countries: Find your local distributor by visiting our website: 

- Swollen batteries should be returned to Angelcare in an approved shipping container (provided by Angelcare), to comply with transportation regulations or disposed at an approve recycling centre. 

- Never to try to puncture a battery to reduce the swelling. 

- Place the battery in a plastic bag (Zip-top type) and isolate in a fireproof container i.e., place in sand in a sealed metal bucket or similar in a safe cool place until it can be disposed or returned. 

- Do not try to forcibly remove the battery from the battery compartment. If there is any uncertainty about removing safely then isolate the complete device as advised above. 

- Using a non-Angelcare or incompatible battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion. Replace the battery only with a compatible battery purchased from Angelcare that is designed to work with your Angelcare Baby Monitor. 


  • How to prevent swollen batteries?

The Baby Monitor user manuals should always be retained and referred to for safe use. 

- Always use the correct Angelcare AC Adaptor provided with the baby monitor. Sometimes the original power charger gets lost or damaged and an alternative brand is used. However, whilst the alternative may seem to fit the USB connection on the Parent Unit it may not have the same power rating and could damage the battery and/or the Parent Unit. 

- Replace the battery if it is damaged and/or no longer performing as it should i.e., it is not holding / maintaining charge. Many consumers do not understand that all batteries, including Lithium, eventually fail, they are not lifetime batteries, so they need to be replaced when required. 

- Use/store the Parent Unit away from direct heat sources, damp environment, out of direct sunlight. Always use/store under recommended temperatures and if stored, not used, always check condition of battery prior to using.