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Only alerting parents if your baby stops
moving for 20 seconds

Angelcare’s patented Movement Sensor Pad is designed to be placed under your baby’s crib mattress where it senses subtle movements while your baby sleeps. All of our movement monitoring systems alert you if your baby doesn’t move for 20 seconds.

Movement Sensor Pad

Safe, Non-Contact Technology

Because the Wireless Movement Sensor Pad is placed under your baby’s mattress, no part of the monitor is touching them. You can rest assured your baby is sleeping safely because the pad can’t be touched, removed or moved by them.

One-Time Installation Technology

The Wireless Movement Sensor Pad must be placed underneath the crib mattress on a solid surface. As soon as the Nursery Unit is turned on, the monitor starts tracking movements and will only alarm if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. The Wireless Movement Sensor Pad is fully adjustable. This means you can adjust the sensitivity level to suit your baby and their nursery and reduce false alarms.

Nursery Unit with camera

Low-Emission Technology

The Sensor Pad communicates with the Nursery Unit using a low emission transmission. This is similar to a mobile phone’s Bluetooth headphone connection. If you use a microwave oven, a WiFi router, a cell phone or a digital alarm clock then you’re already familiar with radio waves that are emitted by these devices.

Angelcare Baby Monitors are devices that emit non-ionizing radiation. That means it converts into a tiny mount of heat when it comes in contact with an object. No need to worry, though: this amount of heat is so tiny that it’s not even measurable.

Don’t worry, baby is being safely monitored.

Parent Unit

Only Essential Data

Our wireless movement monitors will only alarm if your baby doesn’t move for 20 seconds. Angelcare believes parents should be able to relax without distraction from too much information.

So, you’ll only be alerted when your baby really needs you.

Secure Transmission

Worried about baby monitors being easily hacked, their video streams compromised, and scary voices coming on the two-way talk functions and screaming things at babies in the dark?

Our 2.4 GHz FHSS encrypted, meaning that even if someone else is using a device operating on the same frequency as your Angelcare monitor, that person can’t see or hear what the baby monitor is capturing and transmitting.

You can relax knowing no-one can see or hear your baby.

The Perfect Combination

Angelcare vital monitoring systems get the best of movement, video and audio technology.

All combinations of monitor available.

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"We are so unbelievably grateful that your product works so well, it literally saved our son's life."

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Tracks your baby's movement.
Only alarms when your baby needs you.

Angelcare Baby Monitors: helping parents rest assured while your baby sleeps

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