It's only when the baby was five weeks old that he had a little something more than the others... an extra chromosome.

To become a mother is to dive into the unknown, in a sometimes peaceful and sometimes difficult world. It is to continue to go on, despite all life's difficulties, so that this little human becomes a happy and thriving adult.

When we learn that we are pregnant with the third one, we are more experimented, more confident, despite the fact that some fears stay – because these little munchkins are all different! This time around, we know what to expect, more than for our first born. Already a mom of two boys, I was looking forward to the arrival of my son. A healthy baby is everything I wanted. I could finally have my little boy band.

Zack was born like a toy that comes out of a jack-in-the-box! The morning of her 35 weeks, while I had all the kids of daycare at home, my contractions started, and baby was born, in perfect health, in the early afternoon.

It's only when the baby was five weeks old that my husband and I learned over the phone that our son had a little something more than the others... an extra chromosome. He had the Down Syndrom chromosome. My husband and I were in shock: how come they did not see anything at my blood test? At my 12 week ultrasound? And at birth?

Then, we laid our eyes on our baby, who was still the same as before this phone call, and said to each other that all he needed was love, time, patience and encouragement... Exactly like his 2 big brothers. And that in the end, we had everything we wanted, a healthy newborn, love between the siblings... and our musical trio!

If you meet a mother with a baby with Down Syndrom, please do not ask her why the doctors did not see anything on the ultrasound... Just look at the beautiful eyes of this little being who teaches us to see things differently, to take our time in a world that is always going too fast... Like my little Zack of love, my Zackoo.

Zack had the diagnosis of trisomy 21 at the age of 5 weeks. He is a happy and thriving child who lives with his mother, his dad his brothers, as well as the friends of the day care who come every day at home. His story touched a lot of people and the Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec shared his story in one of their ad: