Cut Craft Create shares DIY tips for turning your keepsakes into home decor.

*guest post from Cut Craft Create

With a new baby comes a flurry of excitement, joy, a little fear and a lot of exhaustion.  Most parents want to find a way to curate some of baby's memories but life moves fast and sometimes those special keepsakes get left sitting in a box.

Personally, I keep any little thing and take about a dozen photos a day so I have adapted a variety of "keepsakes"- everything from scrapbook pages to clear Christmas ornaments with their hospital band, hat and image of footprints inside.  The problem with those however is that they are not always on display.  They either have to be pulled out (scrapbook) or are only out for a limited time each year (Christmas ornament). 

That's why I created this beautiful home decor.  Because it hangs on the wall, I get to view it throughout the day, everyday.  It also lends itself to not only holding those special keepsakes but can also list those special details about the day/event.

Here's how to make your own:

(1) Find an old window.  This 6-panel frame used to have our engagement, wedding and son's birth on it but then we decided to have another child so our dates are out of order (oops).  If you only have 1-2 children, fill in the extra pane with another "life event".  If you have 4+ kids include the details on the same panel as the keepsakes or get more windows!

(2) Using vinyl or sticker letters, create a subway art style design with the details of your child's birth or event.  I used three different colors so that each set of words (i.e. "6 pounds 11 ounces") stood out from the other words around it.

(3) Attach a photo, keepsake (like the first headband or hat they wore in the hospital) and any other decoration to the correlating bottom panel.

That's it!  This is my favorite way to display the most precious moments in our lives.  Every time we have guests over they always admire the simple beauty of this home decor and I love how it captures these moments, not just at Christmas or when we pull out the scrapbook but each and every day.