The hot weather is finally back for good! Let your child take advantage of the warm weather by offering activities that are easy to organize but also so fun that they will be ready for a good night's sleep. Here are some ideas that will allow your child to discover the outside world while staying close to home:

*As with any activity with a young child, constant adult supervision is essential!

1. Water games: toddlers love water! Provide them with a children's pool or a simple container filled with a little water in which you can put toys, such as a small watering can, a fishing set including a net and objects to catch, sprinkler toys, a child's kettle, clean sponges, etc.This will be an exciting moment for exploring and developing motor skills!

Is your baby under 6 months old? You can put them on the
Angelcare bath support in the children's pool. Under your supervision, they will have fun safely.

baby seated in a blue bucket of water playing with a metal cup
woman tying her running shoe

2. Mom and baby workout: With the good weather coming you may want to enjoy your workout outside in the fresh air and beautiful weather.

There are several options available to you. Fast walking or jogging with a baby in the stroller remains good cardiovascular training. Also, if your child is old enough, you can put a trailer on your bike and go for a ride. To do strength training, just follow a routine where your child will be your weight! Watch free videos on YouTube or take inspiration from exercises suggested by sports coaches (and mothers) on social media!

3. Sensory games: your child will be happy to develop their senses outdoors!

In your garden or at the park, make them smell all the many different flowers, touch elements of nature with different textures, linger in the song of the birds and spot them and why not suggest they have a snack or their meal outside.

smiling baby walking on all fours in the grass, his mother by his side
toddler kicking soccer ball around bent pool noodles in an obstacle course

4. Courses: obstacle courses are perfect for the psychomotor development of your little one. With materials you already have at home, you can create a stimulating journey that your child will want to do and redo over and over again.

Take, for example, colored cartons for you little one to go around, a rope to step over, banners under which to crawl and a tunnel to crawl through (a sheet supported by two chairs can do just fine). Let your imagination run wild!

5. Balance bike: has your toddler passed the tricycle stage, but is not yet using the bicycle with smaller wheels? The balance bike is the solution! This pedal-free bike allows your child to have fun while developing his balance, thus preparing him for the 4-wheel bike.

toddler boy with blue jacket standing on a balance bike

Each outing with a baby becomes an opportunity to see him flourish and take advantage of a new environment conducive to multiple learning.

Have fun with your family!