Lanette, Noah's mother, wanted to share her experience with her Angelcare baby breathing monitor.

Three years ago today we woke to our 7 1/2 week old son’s Angelcare Monitor alerting us that he had stopped breathing. We rushed him across the street the hospital where he was airlifted to Cardinal Glennon. We arrived at the hospital just minutes after the helicopter to be told our son had to revived several times in the helicopter and we was being intubated at that moment. He was on the ventilator 8 days and there were times the hospital wasn’t sure he would make it. Thank God he’s such a fighter. However being on a vent that long caused scar tissue in his tiny airway and he had to have 8 surgeries after this and spent over 100 days in the hospital total. The cause? Rhinovirus. The common cold virus.

- Lanette, Noah's mom