Are you stuck for inspiration to mark this year’s Mother's Day? Is the mother you want to celebrate with too far away from you? Don’t worry, we are flying to your rescue with some great ideas to spoil this precious mom!

woman looking at her phone seated on a red blanket on the grass

1. A meal together with a twist via a screen: If the mother you want to celebrate with does not live under your roof? Not a problem! Make a video conference call for brunch, lunch or dinner. And why not even a cheeky happy hour party? Whilst everyone will have their meal or cocktails in front of their personal screen, it's almost as if you are sharing this special moment at your table, together!

mother with 3 young children in her bed having breakfast served

2. A day off for mom: If your spouse or mother stays with you, simply offer her a day off from her usual motherly duties which we are sure will be highly appreciated. Get creative and prepare her favourite meals and invite the other members of the family, if they are old enough, to get involved by doing the washing, the housework, the dishes ... and most importantly make sure that special person puts her feet up for the day and relaxes to feel refreshed and ready for another day in isolation.

3. A gift from a local business: The current situation affects everyone especially the local economy. So why not take advantage this Mother's Day to order a gift online from a small local company in your area who will greatly appreciate your business. Many are advertising through social media or even word of mouth so get a recommendation from your neighbour always from a distance of course. Whether it is an item of clothing, a pretty decoration, a bouquet of flowers or some yummy sweets, you can have your gift delivered directly to your door, depending on the current situation.

fingers of a woman tiping on lap top with credit card in hand

4. A subscription to a monthly gift box: This is the perfect solution for the mother who likes to test different products. Get them a one-time box or subscription purchased from a monthly box service website. Several companies now offer boxes under different themes: beauty, fitness, eco-friendly, food, etc. Bonus points if you order from a company in your country!

aged woman reading her e-book in the grass

5. Reading at your fingertips: Offering a new book to read is always a good idea for someone who relaxes with a good read. But how about this year giving the opportunity to access a multitude of literary content? Why not purchase an e-book such as a Kindle accompanied by a virtual gift card! This device allows you to connect to the Internet to download thousands of digital books, newspaper articles and more. In addition, unlike reading on a phone or tablet screen, reading on an e-reader is more tolerable because it projects subtle blue light. Easy to handle also at 3 a.m., with a baby in her arms!

We hope that these few suggestions will help you prepare for your day of celebrations. And we hope that more than anything, that this day brings a smile to the faces of all the mothers to whom we raise our hats at this very special time. Each one does a remarkable job, regardless of their age, or their situation. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy Mother's Day!