We are so unbelievably grateful that your product works so well it literally saved our son’s life. Tanya and I will forever be grateful.

I am writing to you today to praise your product.

Yesterday, we experienced every new parents’ worst nightmare. Our son, Kayden, who is almost 8 months old was asleep in his crib. I was at work and my wife, Tanya, was at home with our son. At approximately 7:30 pm, while my wife was in the kitchen making dinner, the first stage of the movement sensor alarm sounded. Having tested the unit several times, she was immediately alerted and went to check on him just as the alarm began to sound. She found him not breathing and quickly acted as she is trained to handle such situations at her job, working as a flight attendant for a regional South African airline.

Because she got to him so quickly, thanks to the alarm of the Angelcare unit, she was able to revive Kayden.

He spent the night in hospital for observation and was released today happy and healthy.

No parent should ever have to face the horror of losing a child let alone a helpless baby who should be sleeping, safe and warm.

Once again, a sincere thank you for the peace of mind, from the Scott-Winlow family.