Thanks to the Angelcare Breathing Movement monitor, Hunter's family was alerted in the middle of the night.

All parents know that with a baby, the nights differ from one to another. While infants sleep peacefully on their back, there comes a time when they start to be strong enough to perform twisting movements able them to turn on their side or tummy.

Despite the care and attention of their parents, toddlers reach a developmental milestone where they choose their favorite sleeping position, and it is at this critical moment that a breathing movement monitor can alert the parents, if after 20 seconds no movement is detected in the crib.

Little Hunter's mother, Kathleen, recently contacted us to share her story, and to help parents make a wise choice about buying a baby monitor:

A few nights ago, we put down Hunter to sleep on his back, like we’ve been told by his pediatrician. He not only rolled onto his stomach, but into the side of the crib. The Angelcare monitor is designed to alert us and go off when no breathing movement is detected. When it went off, it immediately startled me out of a deep sleep. I raced to his bedroom and saw his precious little face pressed into the back of his crib, clearly suffocating him. If we had not had this device, who knows what would have happened to him? Such a scary experience but lucky to have the Angelcare monitor to give us extra peace of mind.

The Angelcare baby breathing movement monitors are not only designed to alert parents in case of distress, but they have several features to ensure constant monitoring. For example, the Angelcare AC517 Baby Breathing & Video Monitor with 5” Touchscreen Display and Wireless Sensor Pad offer those characteristics:

  • LCD touchscreen Parent Unit
  • Low profile Camera Unit with room temperature display (turns red when the temperature is  too warm and blue when the temperature is too cool)
  • Movement activity and room temperature reports covering last two months
  • Two-way talk
  • Digital zoom (2x) and pan
  • Night vision
  • Alerts: Out-of-range, low battery, room temperature and movement
  • Visual sound level indicator

Many other functionalities are built into each of our monitors. Discover them all.

At Angelcare, we design our monitors to allow parents to relax. Sleep peacefully, we’re here to watch over your child!

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