When you become a parent, it can be a great surprise to rediscover your Halloween spirit. The imaginative decorations, pumpkin lanterns and sweet candy will delight both children and grown-ups alike. The best part for many is what inventive costume you can come up with for your toddler, adorable in their disguises small children can join the yearly tradition whilst also entertaining the grown-ups.

Because we know that you care about your little one's happiness and that your life as a new parent is a busy one, we make it easy for you with these 6 costume ideas that can be made with what you have in your home!


This is a super simple costume for your little one. Dress them all in white, include a hat if it’s a cold evening. On the white top, draw, with a nontoxic marker, eyes and a ghost mouth. As another option you could also glue black felt pieces to create the face. For a young child who walks well, get a little white blanket, fold it in half and cut a hole in it for the head. On the front of the blanket, draw the ghost’s face.


Dress your child in a pair of jeans, a white long-sleeved jumper or sweater, a plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves, suspenders, a black hat and a light beard created with a make-up pencil, a fake toy ax for older children, and here is your heart-winning lumberjack!


Your child will be happy to show everyone their doctor costume! To make it, all you need is a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, a child’s doctor kit, a set composed of a dark blue top and bottom imitating the scrubs worn by the medical staff (and with a V-neck if weather permits). With a red pencil for the fabric, you can also draw a cross on the top of the shirt.

Where’s Waldo?

You certainly remember this character with glasses that had to be found in the series of books of the same name. To make this costume, you'll just need a pair of blue trousers, a hat and a sweater with white and red horizontal stripes, as well as a fake pair of glasses. That's it, you've found the costume for this year!

Crayola Crayon

Your child will wear a pointed hat, a top and pencil-colored pants. Get a piece of felt of the same color, big enough to cover your toddler up to the knees when folded in half (front and back - think of the sandwich man!). Fold the piece of felt in half and cut a hole for the head. Cut the excess felt on each side to obtain a rectangular cut, close to the body. Close the sides of the suit with stitches of sewing thread or fabric glue, leaving room for the arms to come out. With cardboard or black felt pieces, create the stripe strips at the top and bottom of the felt garment. On the center of the suit, create the logo to imitate what is on the crayon. All you have to do is stick or sew the black pieces!


With a beige shirt and cargo pants, and a wide black or brown kid's belt, you can make the base of the costume. Add a beige safari hat. Decorate with a pair of binoculars, an animal plush toy and animal patches to add to the shirt.