Since the beginning of April, Angelcare has supported frontline caregivers in Canada and the United States, as the coronavirus was wreaking havoc and hospitals were overflowing with sick patients.

Thanks to a rapid organization between nurses and our Canadian marketing team, we were able to successfully deliver these devices to two hospitals.

The first delivery of monitors took place at the Montreal General Hospital. The existing team was able to use more than 35 video monitors with two-way communication.

Normally, in a critical care room in this hospital, all heart monitors were connected to a screen at the nurses' station, which allowed the nurses to see the patient's heart rate and other vital signs from a distance, such as their pressure or its oxygen level.

For logistical reasons surrounding the rapid conversion of certain hospital units, it was impossible to have this equipment in the new section where patients who tested positive for Covid-19 or were suspected of having it were transferred. The AC210 monitors were therefore used to keep an eye on the patient's heart monitor from the nursing station.

Other two-way monitors, such as the AC510, have been installed in the resuscitation room for patients with coronavirus. The medical staff at the central station were thus able to interact with the caregivers inside the room, without having to open the door. This procedure has become very important in cardiac resuscitation, because the droplets projected by the patients turn into an aerosol and can travel very long distances and infect more people.

Nursing staff at the Suburban Community Hospital in Philadelphia also benefited from the monitoring system of ten AC327 monitors with quality video transmission and a 4.3 inch color screen to facilitate their daily tasks with patients sick with coronavirus hospitalized in their intensive care unit. In fact, the nursing staff were able to limit their risky interactions and preserve their personal protective equipment, which was already in short supply in all hospitals and care centers.

Maurice Pinsonnault, the founder of Angelcare, never thought that his monitors would one day support essential health workers during a global pandemic. These simple donations represent, for us, our contribution to the protection of the patient and the treating staff. Although our products are designed for babies and their parents, we remain volunteers to facilitate the daily lives of caregivers who fight on the front line against coronavirus.