Our breathing movement monitors are suitable for all babies, including preterm newborns and those requiring medical care. A mom recently wrote to tell us how our technology was able to ease her worries when she returned from the hospital.

My little boy was born prematurely at 28 weeks, 5 years ago. He spent 9 weeks in the neonatal unit. He had a few episodes in hospital when he stopped breathing so I looked for a monitor that picked up movement. I chose the Angelcare monitor with the sensor pad as it had good reviews. I asked the neonatal unit if they recommend them and they had never heard of them!

I went ahead and bought it anyway and it was the best thing I have ever bought and I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Five days after my son came home from hospital the alarm went off. My worst nightmare. Luckily as soon as I picked him up he started breathing again. Went to the hospital to be checked over and they released him soon after.

I truly believe that the Angelcare sensor pad saved my son's life.

Nicole, mother of a preemie