Covered Goods founder Jamie Yetter shares her top tips for surviving those first few months with baby.

*guest post from Jamie Yetter, founder of Covered Goods

Whether you’re expecting your first child or your fourth, anxiety in the weeks leading up to your due date is a reality of life. There are always those people eager to "warn" you about life with a baby...or two...or three—and how difficult it will be. You're probably sweating over how you'll manage everything—the laundry...the cooking...the lack of sleep. Trust me. I've been there.

Now, with  four kiddos (yes, four!), I look back and think it was difficult—it still is! Any new stage of parenting ushers in unique challenges, and this journey is all about learning and making adjustments. That being said, life with a newborn is hard in a completely exhausting way. You’re not sleeping, it’s hard to tell what they need or want, and if this is your first baby, your entire life has been altered—forever!

In reality, you “just do it”, and that’s survival. Of course, it never hurts to develop a few coping mechanisms—you may still feel like a hot mess some days but you’ll make it through! Here are nine tips that worked (and still work!) for me.


One of the most common pieces of advice you’ll hear as a new mom is “sleep when the baby does.” I always found it difficult to take this advice—when I had eight seconds to spare I’d spend it trying to accomplish everything I’d put aside—especially as a small business owner. So, I settled for catching up on my sleep in other ways; some nights I’d crawl into bed at 7:30 or 8—basically as early as I could. Even if the baby was up throughout the night, I’d get at least a few hours early in the evening.


People WANT to help. Believe me—sometimes I don’t want to take it either. As moms, we're programmed to try and do it all. But you need to remember that people offer because it makes them feel good, not because it puts them out. If your aunt wants hold the baby while you shower (see #5), or fold some laundry, or do whatever—let her. Accept the frozen meals that your friends drop off. And pay it forward once your life is under control.


It’s never too early to make mom friends! After each of my children's births I've been able to meet some pretty incredible women—and develop a good support network for those first few months. When you’re not sleeping it’s always nice to hear that no one else is either.


We would all like walk out of the hospital wearing our pre-pregnancy jeans. Most four-year-old’s would also like to meet a unicorn. The reality is you should invest in a few pieces that aren’t maternity and look good—in the weeks postpartum it will feel great. BONUS TIP: Have a friend who just gave birth? Bring her something that she can wear. She probably hasn’t received anything for herself and it will mean SO much. Covered Goods four-in-one covers are an amazing gift to bring to the hospital—not only are they helpful for a mom who is finding her groove with nursing, they double as a pretty stylish infinity scarf.


This is something so many moms forget—we spend the entire pregnancy taking prenatal vitamins and then just stop once we give birth! Keep up with the multivitamins. It can make a big difference in your energy level.


Think you don’t have time? I promise, you do. Bouncy seats were invented for this reason. Put the baby down - she’ll wait.


I love makeup. After each of my babies I took the time to get a makeover at MAC. I'd also buy a new eyeshadow at the very least. It makes such a huge difference! Still, this advice applies even for those of you who aren’t Sephora fans . No mother should be without some really fantastic under eye concealer. Spend the money on a good one; you won’t regret it.


There are so many things that are marketed to new moms—some of them useful, others…not so much. Of course, we could make a laundry list of everything you should and shouldn’t buy, but I’m going to tell you some of my favorites: a great bouncy seat, a nursing pillow, some comfortable nursing bras and tanks, and a carrier so that you can wear baby with ease. Because Covered Goods four-in-one nursing covers are designed to make your life easier, they’re also a fantastic investment. Beyond that—do your research and figure out what you really need.


I try to make my bed every morning. It takes around two minutes and really sets the tone for the remainder of the day.

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