That's it, it's decided: you are the designated person who will organize the unmissable baby shower for the expectant parents. While this project is exciting, it can also be stressful to bring family and friends together to celebrate the imminent arrival of a newborn baby. The first question should be what games should you plan? You will want to find exciting and fun games and challenges that will entertain your guests.

We hear your call for help! So, here are some great ideas that will give you the inspiration to throw the perfect baby shower.

1. Guess the baby name: When you send the invitations to the shower, include a note asking guests to bring a picture of themselves when they were babies. When each guest arrives, assign a number to each picture and display them on the wall. Ask each participant to guess which picture corresponds to each guest. The person with the most matches wins an award!

2. Catch the nipple: Place a large bowl of water on a table and drop in several soothers (dummies) Each guest should kneel - hands behind their backs – and catch as many soothers as they can in two minutes. When the alarm goes off, the person with the most soothers wins.

3. Decorate a onesie: Here's an idea for the guests who like being crafty! Purchase enough onesies (several sizes) to give one to each guest. Pin each onto a piece of cardboard and distribute them to the shower with fabric paint and various safe baby decorative elements. Then invite everyone to use their creative side by painting a masterpiece designed specifically for the little one. The future parents will have practical works of art to cherish.

4. Tinkle in the pot: When you're pregnant, it's perfectly normal to run to the toilet every 30 seconds. This game allows guests to experience this annoyance in a fun way. Align potties on one side of the room. On the other side, ask the guests to line up with a balloon and a coin. Everyone should blow their balloon and put it under their shirts. Then, they place the coin tightly between their knees and move towards the jar while waddling as fast as possible. Once returned to the pot, the competitor must "pee" by dropping the coin in the opening. The first person to fill the pot will win the prize. For an outdoor race, give each person one or more water balloons to hold between their knees as they walk on the lawn. Be careful not to "break" your water balloons!

5. Don’t say "Baby": When each guest arrives, ask them to attach a clothespin to what they are wearing. Whenever a guest speaks to someone who says the word "baby," they pick up that person's clothespin and put it on herself. The guest with the most pins at the end of the party wins. (An alternative is to use soothers on a long chain instead of clothes pins.)

6. The music list: Each guest must write as many songs as they can imagine with the word "baby" in the title. Give guests a time limit – five minutes maximum – and the winner will be the one who has recorded the most (real!) songs.

7. What is in the diaper bag?: Fill a diaper bag with affordable accessories that can be offered to the mother. The guests are given a sheet divided into 2 columns. On each line is a letter of the alphabet (1st column, from A to M, 2nd column, from N to Z). To the right of each letter, guests must write an item they think is in the bag, starting with the letter in question (e.g., b = baby bottle – If a bottle is in the bag, you have 1 point). In 2 minutes, participants must guess the most items. The person who finds the most baby accessories in the bag wins the game.

8. Playdough baby: Buy a selection of small playdough containers. Each guest is given a container. Guests have a few minutes to carve a baby. Mom and dad choose the baby they prefer.

9. The race to change diapers: A doll is placed on a table. In turn, each person is timed to remove the "dirty" diapers, wipe the baby and put the clean nappy. All done blindfolded, to add to the challenge!

10. Layered pancake: On a large wall-mounted cardboard, attach newborn diapers, with their closures folded, to form small baskets. Next to each diapers, write a number representing the number of points in that ‘’basket’’. Each diapers has different points, from the lowest to the highest. Give ping-pong balls to participants. Each player has 45 seconds to throw as many ping-pong balls as possible and thus accumulate the most points.