Angelcare AC300

Angelcare has been the leader in movement baby monitors for over 20 years, providing optimal peace of mind for millions of parents around the world. The award winning Angelcare AC300 Movement Monitor watches over your baby when you can't, detecting even the slightest of movements.

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Which Mattress?

Check out our mattress guide, perfect for discovering which type is recommended for use with Angelcare Baby Movement Monitors.

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Mum says...

We love hearing your stories of how Angelcare protected and nurtured your little ones. Read some of these journeys here.

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Do you already have an Angelcare Sound Monitor but want just that extra level of reassurance? Or maybe you have two little ones, twins or triplets sleeping in the same room. This Sensor Pad with highly sensitive movement detectors is the perfect complement to your existing Angelcare® baby monitoring system. Simply place one under the mattress of each additional baby and you have all bases – and babies – covered.

All babies must be sleeping in a separate cribs.

Breathing Sensor Pad
  • Wired Breathing Sensor Pad & Alarm
  • Adjustable Breathing Sensor Pad Sensitivity
  • TIC Movement Function
Nursery Unit / Camera Unit
  • Night Light
  • Battery Operated
  • Instruction Manual - English, French, Spanish
  • download
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